“Eishinkai”: iaido, jodo

About Eishinkai

This page is primarily intended for the Russian audience, as it will mostly contain 1) information that is directly related to iaido and jodo in Russia and 2) translations of original English-language articles into Russian. However, certain original articles, seminar reports and announcements, and news pieces will be published in English as well.


March 2002: first iaido practice in our club.
August 2002: by suggestion of Oshita Masakazu-sensei our club adopted the name “Eishinkai”.
December 2002: “Eishinkai's” web-site open: http://www.eishinkai.ru
January 2003: English version of the site is on-line.
August 2003: “Eishinkai” now trains under Ide Katsuhiko-sensei.
November 2005: first student gets dan rank in iaido and jodo.
February 2009: “Eishinkai” now trains under Oshita Masakazu-sensei.

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