“Eishinkai”: iaido, jodo

About Eishinkai

We invite everyone to join our practice sessions in iaido and jodo, regardless of their previous experience in these arts or in budo in general. For training the following equipment is required:

kendogi and hakama;
iaito (pactice alloy sword) for iaido;
jo (stick) and bokken for jodo.

You can get more information regarding the choice of all necessary equipment on our Equipment page (Russian only). It is possible for beginners to use club equipment during their first practice sessions.

Beginning with November 2008 our practice sessions take place in different locations according to the following schedule:
Tuesday 20:00-22:00 — iaido

«Shogun» club's dojo

Thursday 20:30-22:00 — jodo
Kasatkina st. practice hall (“VDNKh” subway station)

Sunday 10:00-12:00 — jodo
Sunday 12:00-14:00 — iaido
Obraztsova st. practice hall (“Novoslobodskaya” or “Rizhskaya” subway station)

Please pay attention that practice sessions can be cancelled due to seminars or special trainings without any notice being posted on the internet. Make sure you contact the instructor by phone before coming. Any additional information is also available by phone at +7-910-402-77-10 (Andrey) or by e-mail andrei@eishinkai.ru.

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